Barramundi Fillet (skin on/scaled)

$15.95 Per Pound
Fillet size: 14 oz.
Minimum Purchase:
5 units

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Barramundi is a well known gourmet fish around the world. Widely prized for its sweet, mild taste and delicate texture, Barramundi has been favorably compared to striped bass, red snapper, grouper, and other premium white fish, including the Hawaiian Opakapaka. In the sushi world, it is known as Akame.

Meat Color:
Crimson pink
Oil Content & Texture:
Lean fat, high oil content. Snapper like structure
Flavor Intensity:
Modest and unmistakable.
Flavor Quality:
Clean, crisp with an almond finish.
Raw/Sashimi Character: Color, Oil, Texture Flavor:
Translucent crimson pink. The bite is like a peach or plum crunch.
Waitstaff Selling Feature:
Honolulu Fish Company Barrmundi is delicate but not fragile, moist with a snapper like structure so you can cut it with a fork. Perfectly seared, steamed or sashimi, barramundi is full flavored with a clean crisp finish.