Honolulu Fish Company Ahi

We offer 5 different grades of Hawaiian Ahi, Ultra, Premium, Bright Red, Red Ahi, and Red Sear.  You can also find 3 depths of Toro cuts, Hawaiian Tombo and Seamount ahi.Whole tuna are prepared into quarter loin segments. Each loin is cryovaced individually and sent in a 100% natural cut, head to tail, with skin on and the bloodline trimmed. The skin helps to prevent the loin from cracking in transit and the bloodline is trimmed but not removed. The bloodline is like nature's freshness indicator, the dark burgundy red reflects on the freshness and the health of the tuna. Secondly, if left in, the bloodline helps extend the shelf life, much like leaving the avocado seed in the avocado.

For each of our Hawaiian Ahi grades we offer different size loins. The majority of our catch will consist of 5 main sizes. Small 4-6 pound loins, medium 7-10 pound loins, large 11-14 pound loins, extra large 15-17 pound loins and double extra large 18-20 pounds. On occasion, there will be larger sizes available and listed on our inventory.

Our Toro loins will be 1 finger, 2 finger or 3 finger deep. All toro will be sent as a complete loin with toro and red tuna intact. This is what it is like to offer a sustainable product. We do not separate the toro from the loin, that would be over-selection. Sustainability demands we offer most of everything we sell intact. Choice cuts and over-selecting create too much waste. Be assured that when you buy toro from us, the other tuna intact will still be graded into one of our categories. Toro is available as a Top Loin selection or a Bottom Loin selection.