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  • Ultra Ahi Sashimi
    Ultra Ahi Sashimi This is the rarest grade of ahi. Rarely available from June to September due to warmer waters. Only 2 percent of ahi catch will grade to 1++.  There is no other tuna products on the market of this...

  • Premium Ahi Sashimi
    Premium Ahi Sashimi Hawaiian Ahi Premium differs from our Hawaiian Ahi Ultra by having slightly less fat density. As for the color, it’s still the beautiful red in a shade closer to a semi-translucent cherry red. This...

  • Bright Red Sashimi Loin
    Bright Red Ahi Sashimi Bright Red Ahi Sashimi is a brighter red color than typical # 1 Ahi from other fisheries. The meat is bright and translucent with a higher than normal oil content and a low water content...

  • Red Sashimi Loin
    Red Ahi Sashimi Red Ahi Sashimi is the most flexible grade of Hawaiian Ahi we offer.  Beautiful Bing Cherry red, with that gummy bear stickiness and textures.  Graded for sashimi and any crudo application, Red Ahi...

  • Red Sear Ahi Sashimi Loin
    Red Sear Ahi Sashimi Red Sear Ahi Sashimi is the perfect solution to any tuna need.  Well balanced all around for oil, and fat content.  Higher in moisture than the other grades, Red Sear can be grilled rare,...

  • Two Finger "Top"
    Ahi Bigeye 2 Finger Toro "TOP"

  • Tombo 1+ Albacore Loin
    AHI Tombo 1+ Fillet Hawaiian Tombo is like no other albacore tuna in the world. Albacore from Hawaii grow to a much larger size than any other location in the world. Often reaching sizes of 70 lbs and more. These large...

  • Ahi Bigeye 2 Finger Toro "BTM"
    Ahi Bigeye 2 Finger Toro "BTM"

  • 3 Finger Toro Loin Top
    Ahi Bigeye 3 Finger Toro "Top"

  • 3 Finger Toro Loins
    Ahi Bigeye 3 Finger Toro "BTM"  

  • Seamount
    Seamount Ahi Seamount Ahi are from the same family line of the Hawaiian Big Eye Tuna. These smaller Ahi, live their lives in and around our oceans seamounts. Their size is key to producing, tight, compact loins that share...

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