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  • Barramundi Fillet
    Barramundi Barramundi is a well known gourmet fish around the world. Widely prized for its sweet, mild taste and delicate texture, Barramundi has been favorably compared to striped bass, red snapper, grouper, and other...

  • Hapuka Seabass
    Hapuka Seabass Hapuka (Hawaiian Deep Sea Grouper, Hapu’upu’u) Hapuka seabass holds a special place here in Hawaii. A celebratory fish used to honor milestone events, Hapuka is often steamed in a traditional Asian...

  • Mero Seabass
    Mero Sea Bass Mero is highly regarded in Japan for its intense richness and versatile qualities. This fish has an extremely high oil content making it impossible to dry out. Snow white and flakey, its amazing buttery sweet...

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