Hawaiian Walu

Hawaiian Walu is our best kept secret. We have been offering Hawaiian Walu since we first started 20 years ago. Our plan was to supply our nation with only the highest quality of wild-caught seafood these Hawaiian waters have to offer. Hawaiian Walu is just that.

Before there was "sustainable", there was wild caught. Wild caught is what we do. Hawaiian Walu is first and foremost a premier, wild-caught, sashimi-grade fish that needs to be tried at least once to fully understand the nature of this species.

Initially, our focus was on the Hawaiian Big Eye Tuna - our most recognizable commodity! Unfortunately, they don't call it fishing for nothing, and tuna was no exception. Some days, our premier boats would be full, other days nothing, but most of the time, it would be a mixed catch. A mix of prized tuna and something else.

Before there were terms like Bycatch, Accidental Catch, Secondary Catch, there were terms like rubbish fish, trash fish or throwbacks. All these terms refer to fish that are caught in addition, or by accident, while going for a target species. In this case, Hawaiian Walu, was the "rubbish fish" to the tuna. Hawaiian Walu was discarded and left to sink to the bottom of the ocean, just to make room for tuna. This is not a sustainable practice. So instead, we took this Hawaiian Walu and offered it as a premier, gourmet product. It was a win win situation all around.

It is possible that a tuna boat would only catch Walu. If they were planning on auctioning off any tuna, they would be out of luck! But since we love this flaky, white, buttery fish, we would buy it from the boats, direct! Now they would be no additional cost to their loss, and their tuna catch did not have to increase in price to make up for it. It basically kept them in the waters fishing! By buying everything our premier boats have to offer, it solidified many relationships that we still have today! Best of all, it makes us the premier supplier of the highest sashimi-grade Hawaiian Walu out of Hawaii, maybe even anywhere.

Hawaiian Walu swims in the same water and eats the same super charged food supply that our Hawaiian Sashimi-Grade Ahi feeds on. Hawaiian Walu fillets are a coral pink to a paper white color. The flavor is of a sweetened butter taste. That sweet salty juxtaposition is what world class Japanese chefs call umami. The flake structure are these gorgeous, large, supple flakes that can be cut with a spoon when cooked and is more delicate than fragile. When eaten raw, like sashimi or in a crudo application, the Hawaiian Walu has the smoothest, most velvety, creamy bite that is clean and elegant. The texture is like the fresh meat from a young coconut. Hawaiian Walu, cooked or raw, defines that melt-in-your-mouth experience.

Honolulu Fish Company Hawaiian Walu is available in two different cuts. The first is Hawaiian Walu, which is delivered skin on, fresh, and never frozen. Hawaiian Walu will have that subtle shade of pink coral to a blush. But when Hawaiian Walu is ivory to a paper white, we skin it immediately to help preserve the color quality. This is the second cut we offer called, White Sashimi Walu.

Our secret is out, Hawaiian Walu is available year round. Perfect for any application.