Japan Yellowtail Kingfish

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Fillet size: 4 pounds. Collar ON. Skin ON. Scales ON.
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4 units

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Japanese Yellowtail

Fresh, never frozen, flown in from Japan, HFC Yellowtail is at the top of its class. Creamy white with fat and high in oil makes for an exceptional experience. Fresh Yellowtail will never have a muted flavor and will burst with buttery goodness cooked or raw.

Meat Color:
Creamy white with pink undertones
Oil Content & Texture:
Silky, velvety mouth feel with a clean finish.
Flavor Intensity:
True Yellowtail flavor, full and thorough.
Flavor Quality:
Sweet, buttery, decadent.
Raw/Sashimi Character: Color, Oil, Texture Flavor:
Translucent to an opaque creamy white with fat marbled throughout. Bright red bloodline that is fresh and can be left on.
Waitstaff Selling Feature:
Fresh Yellowtail needs to be experienced, at least once, to appreciate how it truly taste, as nature intended. Freezing such a delicate fish can change its flavor profile. In this case, we’ll let the fish do the talking.