King Salmon Fillet

$20.95 Per Pound
Fillet size: 5 pounds. Skin On. Scales On
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5 units

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King Salmon

King salmon is the most popular tasting salmon of all the species of salmons.  Our king salmon is an entirely unique genetic strain of King Salmon bred for extremely rich taste and much higher oil content.  There is no other salmon anywhere in the world that compares in delicious taste.  The Monteray Bay, Seafood Watch has rated this salmon as the only Green labeled King salmon.  King salmon is mind blowing as sashimi or any other raw application.  Cooked , grilled, broiled King salmon is guaranteed to make any dish an award winning experience.

Meat Color:
Vibrant creamsicle orange.
Oil Content & Texture:
Extremely high oil content. Tender, supple texture.
Flavor Intensity:
Full bodied, through, unmistakable
Flavor Quality:
Salmon flavored butter
Raw/Sashimi Character: Color, Oil, Texture Flavor:
Highest sashimi grade salmon available. Silky, velvety smooth with a nice sashimi crunch. Sweet and buttery, start to finish.
Waitstaff Selling Feature:
King salmon swim in some of the cleanest and feeds in the riches waters on earth. Their life style is represented perfectly with your first bite. Clean, crisp, sweet and buttery.
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