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  • Hawaiian Au Loin
    Hawaiian Au Sashimi Au is Hawaiian for Marlin. Generalized as billfish, marlins might look the same but each presents their own experiences. Au, is one of Hawaii’s best kept secrets, also known as the Short Bill...

  • Kajiki Loin
    Kajiki (Pacific Blue Marlin) Kajiki is the all time classic grilling fish. It’s opaque cream color meat cooks to a clean white color and makes an ideal plate presentation. Raw kajiki is a little known secret of the...

  • Kajiki Toro Fillet
    Kajiki Toro Fillet Kajiki Toro is all the greatness that our Kajiki is, but with a solid, uniform fat content that presents visible fat marbling. Raw kajiki is a little known secret of the Hawaiian islands. Sashimi...

  • Nairagi Toro
    Nairagi Toro (Pacific Striped Marlin) Visible fat marbling makes it a shame to cook this grade of Nairagi. Extremely rare and reminiscent of ahi toro for its valuable oil content, this is a sashimi lover’s dream. When...

  • Nairagi Sashimi Loin
    Nairagi Sashimi This fish has a bright orange color and a heavy creamy texture that doesn’t need much seasoning to bring out its great flavor. Nairagi is only found in very authentic sushi bars and is very popular in...

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