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Pacific Blue Prawns U12/U14

Pacific Blue Prawns U12/U14

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U-12/14 Head On. I.Q.F. Loose Pack. Once you select your pack size, the price shown above will be the total amount (please disregard Per Pound).
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Product Description

Pacific Blue Prawns

U-12/U14 in size, and bright blue in color, these king prawns are literally the sweetest prawns on the market other than the Japanese ‘ama ebi’. One of the few American prawns which can be eaten raw and when cooked, there is no contender at all. Ideal preparations include raw, ceviche, seared and any other application suitable for cooking shrimp. Individually flash frozen for maximum freshness and convenience. Shell clarity and bright orange head content indicate premium health and clean, fatty liver.

Other Details

Meat Color:
Snow White
Oil Content & Texture:
Creamy oil content. Hearty and meaty texture.
Flavor Intensity:
Mild flavor intensity.
Raw/Sashimi Character| Color, Oil, Texture, Flavor:
Bright translucent white color. Cream like oil content. Velvet texture. Buttery sweet flavor.
Waitstaff Selling Feature:
One of the few American prawns that can be eaten raw. Often a ‘first in a lifetime’ tasting experience. Rich buttery taste with an almost candy like sweetness.
Non-seasonal. Fall, winter peak.

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