Our Packaging


Here at the Honolulu Fish Company, our demand for excellence in quality goes beyond the products and services we provide. The evidence of our dedication can be seen in everything we do.

We have the best tuna in the world, so we needed the best, fresh tuna shipping system in the world too. Unfortunately, there was nothing that met our standards. So, we had to pioneer another first, a new way to pack and secure our super fresh selection. We needed something to withstand the travel from Hawaii to the furthest eastern cities of our nation. We needed it to stay dry, stay intact, and stay cold, so that we can guarantee the freshness.

Imagined and engineered by our owner and President, Wayne Samiere, the Honolulu Fish Company's signature "Shiny Box" was created.

A reflective, waterproof, holographic, silver laminate skin is married to a lightweight, heavy duty corrugated cardboard box. The laminate covers every inch of the box's exterior - increasing the tear and moisture resistance, and doubling the overall strength of the cardboard. The mirror-like quality reflects 90% of radiant heat. The laminate is not only functional, it also showcases our logo and namesake, making it unmistakable and unforgettable.


Then we line the box with 6 individual 1" thick, industrial strength Styrofoam. The 6 pieces make up the walls, base and cover. Having individual pieces allows for more flex, meaning less chance of damage to the corners and the edges. Within these insulated walls, we add a bit of cushion.

To protect against bumps and bruises, we use a high-impact, 1" diameter, uni-core bubble wrap. The uni-core allows the air bubbles to channel air to other compartments, preventing the bubbles from popping, creating an active cushioning effect.

Within this protective air mattress are the goods. Everything is Cryovaced with a 10K Cryovac bag that allows just enough breathability to prolong quality. Each bag is lined with an absorbent pad that draws moisture away from the product and retains that moisture until delivery. Now, to keep it cold.

Using a proprietary, non-toxic gel ice pack, we add 1 pound of gel ice per every 2 pounds of fish. Almost twice as much than what is required. Gel ice is the superior choice to maintain a cold chain. Unlike wet ice that can melt, leak, and compromise the contents and the box, and unlike dry ice, that is so cold it can cause freezer burn or frostbite. Our gel ice is designed for low condensation, which means there will be less moisture all around, and the gel itself is safe to handle and is always at the right temperature.

All the Cryovaced items and gel ice are placed into a space-age, Mylar bag. The Mylar increases the insulation by reflecting the cold back in. The bag is then sealed and secured, the Styrofoam cover put into place and the box is taped up, and shipped.

With these dedicated elements that create our packing system, you can expect 40 degrees or less, up to 48 hours, upon delivery.

Our Shiny Box not only reflects heat, it also reflects our dedication to what we do and who we do it for. It's no wonder why our box is an award-winning packaging system.