White Sashimi Walu

$0.00 Per Pound
Fillet size: 2 to 4 pounds Skin ON. Bloodline IN.
Minimum Purchase:
4 units

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This grade of Hawaiian Walu can be classified as the Ultra Grade of Hawaiian Walu.  White Sashimi Walu is sought after for its ivory to paper white color.  White sashimi walu will have opaque pink highlights and a bright red bloodline, but the color quality overall will be a clean and consistent shade of white.  Used mainly in sushi or for sashimi, White Sashimi Walu is also great for the flat top or the grill.  High in natural fats and oils, White sashimi walu should been joyed with the idea of less-is-more. Decadant and rich, White Sashimi Walu is best served in 4-6 ounce portions.

Meat Color:
Marshmallow White
Oil Content & Texture:
High oil content. Dense and Moist texture
Flavor Intensity:
Robust Flavor
Flavor Quality:
Sweet, buttery flavor quality
Raw/Sashimi Character: Color, Oil, Texture Flavor:
Bright White Color. High oil content. Rich creamy texture. Pronounced sweet flavor. Sashimi texture qualities very comparable to tuna.
Waitstaff Selling Feature:
Described as very addictive and gaining popularity around the country. Known as "Super White" for its marshmallow white color.
Year Round. Winter to Spring Peak