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Hawaii Sugarcane Skewers With Prawns, Thai Sauce And Hokkaido Sweet Mochi Rice

Try our sweet Kauai Prawns in this Thai sweet chilli sauce marinade play. Add seaweed salt to taste and a squeeze of lime over sweet mochi rice. Finish bites with chews of juicy sweet sugarcane skewers!

Kit ingredients:

Kauai Shrimp - 2.5 lb Whole Shell-on

Super Premium Hakucho Mochi Rice from Hokkaido

Small farms in Japan's northern island,     fresh milled to order in Honolulu

Mae Ploy Thai Sweet Sauce Thai sweet chilli sauce for marinade and dipping
Premium 'Moshio' Salt from Japan Made with seaweed and ocean water from Awajishima Japan
Hawaiian Sugarcane Skewers Organic Hawaiian sugarcane skewers are juicy and chewable