Sushi Kit - Japan Nigiri Sushi Set with Hokkaido Sushi Rice

Have an authentic Japanese sushi experience. Japan Hokkaido premium sushi rice with our favorite ingredients sourced from Japan.  A nigiri press that shapes the rice simple and easy. Top with beautiful King Salmon and vibrant Hawaiian Ultra Ahi for the perfect bite.

Sushi Kit ingredients:

Hawaiian Ultra Ahi - Sashimi Cut 1 lb

King Salmon - Sashimi Cut 1 lb

Nanatsuboshi Super Premium Sushi Rice from Hokkaido

Small farms in Japan's northern island,     fresh milled to order in Honolulu

Yubikigenman Sashimi Shoyu  "Usu-kuchi" or "light mouth" mild soy sauce made for sashimi
Tamanoi Sushi Rice Seasoning Mild rice vinegar adds sweetness; salt and bonito balances the flavor of sushi rice 
Honnama Wasabi Paste Mountain water grown, real Japanese wasabi horseradish
Nigiri Sushi Press Dip in water for non-stick easy shaping