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King Salmon With Maki Roll Sushi Set

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King Salmon on a bed of Japan Hokkaido premium sushi rice, and delicately rolled in nori seaweed. Authentic Japan sourced sushi seasonings highlight the oil rich salmon flavor.

Sushi Kit ingredients:

King Salmon - 2 lb Sashimi Cut

Nanatsuboshi Super Premium Sushi Rice from Hokkaido, 1 lb

Small farms in Japan's northern island,     fresh milled to order in Honolulu

Sushihane Yakinori Fresh Roasted Japanese seaweed wraps
Yubikigenman Sashimi Shoyu  "Usu-kuchi" or "light mouth" mild soy sauce made for sashimi
Mizkan Sushi Rice Seasoning Mild rice vinegar adds sweetness; salt and bonito balances the flavor of sushi rice 
Honnama Wasabi Paste Mountain water grown, real Japanese wasabi horseradish
Bamboo Sushi Roll Mat Place nori on the light wood side, add seasoned sushi rice, ingredients and roll. Water nori edges slightly to bond.